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A new cajon solo to begin 2013 on this channel! This solo features a few different rhythmic pulses that I had a lot of fun putting together. Overall, I wanted the focus of the solo to be the different grooves. I played it out on my balcony which I think is a bit different. Cajon Groove Guide Links: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Ross McCallum's Setup (Updated 2017): My Professional Sela Cajon - My Beginner Sela Cajon - My Left Foot Shaker - My Right Foot Tambourine - My Audix Cajon Mic - My TASCAM Recorder - My Canon Camera - My Flexible Joby Tripod - My Smartphone Mount - My Neat Tama Metronome - These are affiliate links - I get a little bonus if you buy something. About My Channel: I like to make tutorials for the cajon. Whether it's a basic rhythm or something more complex, I do my best to share it here on YouTube. Thanks for checking out my channel and feel free to ask questions!

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