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More Details Here: Lone Star Percussion: 866-792-0143 Replacing the traditional drum set with a "cajon drum set" is becoming very popular, especially for you drummers who need something a little smaller, quieter, and more exotic. Meinl has made it easier than ever to get everything you need with this Cajon Drum Set Package! This package includes absolutely everything - the instruments, the hardware, and some other goodies: SCAJ100LB-NT Headliner Series Cajon (No Snares) TMCP Cajon Pedal SW-HH Hi Hat Stand HCS13H 13" HCS Hi Hat Cymbals MCS1-BK Mountable Cajon Snare HMC-1 Standard Multi-Clamp CAJ-BLK Cajon Blanket FREE MSTCJB Cajon Bag FREE BCMS1 Bamboo Cajon Multi Sticks FREE SH4BK Luis Conte Shaker The Cajon Drum Set gives you a ton of options when it comes to playing. Use the foot pedal or your hands to give you a bass tone, and your hands or the multi-sticks on the Snare Cajon for a backbeat! Add in some hi hat action with the sticks, or grab the shaker - it's really all up to your coordination.

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